Sophos XG Web Console Fix

I’ve been using the Sophos XG firewall on a virtual machine as a perimeter firewall at home for some time.  They provide a fantastic enterprise feature set free for home users.  Recently though, I had a problem with the Sophos XG Web Console.  It suddenly became inaccessible with no configuration changes and no meaningful errors.

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Switch Port Status Monitoring with PRTG

PRTG‘s built in sensors can be used to monitor just about anything.  Network gear is especially easy since most of it supports SNMP.  But there’s kind of a catch with PRTG licensing.  PRTG is licensed by number of sensors.  When each one counts (for those of us not lucky enough to have an unlimited license) any kind of per-port monitors add up fast when you’re looking at 24/48/96/+ port switches.  Since port status is a…

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