Sophos XG Web Console Fix

I’ve been using the Sophos XG firewall on a virtual machine as a perimeter firewall at home for some time.  They provide a fantastic enterprise feature set free for home users.  Recently though, I had a problem with the Sophos XG Web Console.  It suddenly became inaccessible with no configuration changes and no meaningful errors.

When attempting to access the admin console, I simply got the following error:

I’m still not completely sure why this happened, but I think it was because the default self issued SSL certificate the console uses had expired.  Regardless of the actual cause, here is how I was able to fix it:

  • SSH into the firewall and log in with admin credentials
  • Type 2 <enter> to access System Configuration

  • Type 4 <enter> to Reset Default Web Admin Certificate

  • Type y <enter> to confirm

That’s it.  The SSL certificate gets reset and the web portal should now be accessible.

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