Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt and NetScaler – A Docker Approach

Let’s Encrypt has proven to be a fantastic solution to obtaining and maintaining SSL certificates. It’s completely free and once it’s setup, you never need to worry about certificate renewal again. The only drawback is that it requires automation. Let’s Encrypt certificates are only valid for 90 days, and you’re expected to renew them programmatically. This makes using them with a NetScaler somewhat difficult. As I’ve mentioned before, Ryan Butler has bailed us out with…

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Let’s Encrypt Certificates on NetScaler – Lessons Learned

It’s always been annoying to pay for and manage the SSL certificates in the lab environments I manage.  That’s why I was a very early adopter of Let’s Encrypt.  It’s a fantastic resource for free, hands-off SSL certificates…as long as you’re on a platform that supports it.  Unfortunately NetScaler is, at this time, not one of those platforms.  Lucky for us, there are folks like Ryan Butler out there.  He created an awesome python script…

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